About Javier Rochwarger

Javier Portland 2016-Feb photo-LJB. crop & rvJavier Rochwarger is a warmly intense and generous talent, one of Buenos Aires’s new generation of tango dancers.  Grounded, sensual, and musical, in the past 15 years he has taught classes throughout the U.S. , Japan and Spain, as well as in Buenos Aires where he lives.  In February 2013, Javier was a hit, teaching and dancing at “the other Portland’s” Valentango festival.  This will be his fourteenth year teaching in the Portland, Maine community, always to rave reviews.  Click here to see what experienced Portland (Maine) area dancers thought of the regular 2016 classes.   

As one who has traveled the road from novice to professional, Javier has a unique and compassionate perspective. His students praise him for the exceptional personal attention that he provides even in group classes, and for his patience and his warm sense of humor. As a case in point. here’s a 4-minute video from a group of high school students in Colorado talking about their experiences learning from Javier:  High schoolers describe Javier’s teaching

Javier’s fluid and intimate style of dancing defies easy classification. He seamlessly integrates a variety of influences, making his insights valuable whether you consider yourself a devotee of milonguero style or a nuevo tango renegade. Rarer still is his practical understanding of how the body moves and of how to communicate complex concepts to students of all levels.

Here he improvises with Mikela Brizuela in Los Angeles