Beginner Series with Las Hermanas

20819218_10212646090244566_7394540449518387814_oBeginner Argentine Tango Classes with Las Hermanas,
Laura and Emma, Mondays Nov 14 – Dec 12, 2017.


Instructors: Emma Holder and Laura Balladur

  • Tuesdays  Nov 14 to Dec 12, 6:45 – 8:15 pm

$60 per Portland dancer ($70 non-Portland resident)   or $110 per couple ($120 non-Portland residents)

Argentine Tango is an improvised dance, a conversation without words with someone you may not know. This class covers basic concepts to get beginners dancing: connection, musicality, turns, pivots, the cruzada, leading and following, footwork, codes. It also introduces three styles of Tango: tango, vals, and milonga. Please bring shoes with soles that slide. No partner needed.

FMI: please call Portland Adult Education to register 207.874.8155 or go to

Emma and Laura discovered tango separately in 2001. Through this shared passion, the two quickly became BFFs, and since 2008 have been teaching a course through Portland Adult Education. With combined backgrounds in fitness training, yoga, belly dancing, ballet, modern dance, music, and pedagogy, they bring extensive knowledge on body mechanics, dance, and musicality to their students. They are known in the tango community for their graceful and fluid dancing, their connectedness, strength, and musicality, and they focus on these elements in their class. Tango is not a series of steps, but rather an expression of movement between each improvised steps. Their class will introduce you to the three styles of tango, and with many years of dance training and teaching, workshops, and travels, many in Buenos Aires, Emma and Laura will give you the necessary tools to begin your own tango journey.