FUNdamentals of Argentine Tango – March and April 2019 beginner class

Photo by Richard Sandifer

FUNdamentals of Argentine Tango – on hold for now until I find a venue :)

What: Argentine Tango is an improvised dance, a conversation without words with someone you may not know. This class covers basic concepts to get beginners dancing: connection, musicality, turns, pivots, the cruzada, leading and following, footwork, history and codes. It also introduces three styles of Tango: tango, vals, and milonga. Please bring indoor clean flat shoes with soles that slide (no high heels for this class). No partner is needed – its a social dance, so we dance with everyone!

Those with tango experience are also welcome to refresh the basics, or perhaps become more comfortable with the other role.


Generally, the plan is as follows (but will be flexible depending on the group):

class 1: Introduction to the styles of music we’ll be dancing to (tango, vals, milonga), posture, forward intention, the embrace, milonga 6 ct basic.

class 2: Walk the tango walk, pushing off, concept of standing and free leg, partnering, forward, back and side movement.

class 3: Pivots and ochos, vals (3/4 time), how to turn around.

class 4 : Molinete (moving around a central point)

class 5: The cruzada/cross (a move that is particularly “tango”) Musicality, getting out of your head, putting it all together, review of tango, vals and milonga.

Please call if you have any questions! Emma Holder 207 415 7204,