Pamela & Steve Slavsky 2017

Pamela & Steve S, from TangDogs.comThe Portland, Maine Tango Community is truly happy to welcome back Steve and Pamela Slavsky, this August 26th & 27th, for some very special workshops, private lessons, and a Milonga celebrating their yearly visit!
Steve and Pamela are well-loved favorites of the Portland Tango community due to their playful and intention based approach to social tango dancing. They are highly talented and uniquely personable teachers with a wealth of knowledge, and the ability to make all students feel nurtured, supported, and welcomed. All information is below, regarding the workshops. Further info regarding a weekend Milonga will be revealed as the event weekend gets closer.


The Underlining Teaching Intention of the Weekend Workshops:  Technique, Connection, Confidence, and Voice>Beginning with individual tango technique is a lot like remembering why you love to move. Now, take that love of movement and add a delicious, scrumptious connection that invites space and time for creative conversation. Imagine sprinkling this flavor-boosting blend over an assortment of figures, while stirring in musicality and inspiration, and voilà, you have something truly magical!

Saturday August 26th:
Workshop 1 – 1:00-2:30pm – Natural Tango Body Technique
Come learn how to uncover your natural movement applied to tango technique so you can dance from freedom, strength and stability. All levels.

Workshop 2 – 3:00-4:30pm – Connection & Communication
In this class you’ll discover the simple ways that the connection between leader and follower is created and sustained. Then you’ll learn to listen to and explore how the inter-partner conversation develops. All levels.
Sunday August 27th:
Workshop 3 – 1:00-2:30pm – Application to Figures
You’ll apply concepts from the previous classes to figures old and new to create variation and texture, but best of all to make them feel good! All levels

Workshop 4 – 3:00-4:30pm – Tango Creation
This class will teach you how to bring together these tango ingredients for musical improvisation and expression shared by both partners. Advanced beginner up

Workshop fees:
1 class = 20-
2 classes = 35-
3 classes = 55-
4 classes = 70-