Survey Results: Javier R in Portland 2016

Students who took a weekend workshop, weekly class or private lesson with Javier Rochwarger in Portland in 2016 were invited to evaluate and share comments on their experience.  Twenty-four people responded (39%).  No attempt was made to weight the results based on how many classes someone took.  All written replies are verbatim and any typographical or grammatical errors are those of the writer.

Javier Rochwarger: Portland, Maine 2016

Responses to SurveyMonkey Questionnaire
Responses to the beginner series “Tango Awaits You” are here

15 May 2016

1. I took the classes primarily as a


2.  I took the following:


3.  Considering all my experiences in learning tango from Javier in Portland during 2016


4. The best thing about these classes was (Answered: 21, Skipped: 3)

  • Having Javier here as a Teacher and his wonderful relationship to the students.
  • Javier! And his usual integration of fundamentals into motion
  • Private lesson is packed with so much to learn
  • His teaching style is so perceptive
  • Javier is always so attentive!
  • Clarity in fundamentals and good figures chosen as a working basis to learn the elements in question. Excellent adaptation of group lesson to a variety of levels.
  • Detail in the technic
  • Javier’s instruction is clear and accessible for all levels of dancer.
  • it was argentine tango!!! being with people who share the love of this dance.
  • Good mix of followers and leaders; everyone was very supportive of each other.
  • one on one
  • Javier’s personality and talent generate a relaxed atmosphere — laughter is allowed. That, along with hIs teaching style provide the optimal opportunity for learning tango.
  • Clarity of instruction and level appropriate material.
  • Javier is a masterful teacher., And my tango continues to improve.
  • Javier’s ability to immediately determine the problem at hand.
  • Javier zeros in on problems in seconds and shows corrections clearly. Checks on everyone in room. Sense of humor makes all (I think) feel comfortable even with “public” correction of problems
  • Javier’s complete knowledge and commitment, willingness to teach what needs to be learned, sense of humor and engagement with the students.
  • Javier really gave some time to watch everyone and give advice
  • Javier is very direct and helpful with problems specific to each dancer.
  • The open and friendliness
  • Javier is such an excellent and understanding teacher and I learned so much from him

5.  For the future, the classes might be improved if …. (Answered: 6, Skipped: 6)

  • The classes are pretty darn good. It would be nice to get more people from the dance community to take some of the classes.
  • Group class would be better if oral hygiene were discussed and a couple of creepy men were not welcomed. The younger men were great/not a problem on both counts but a couple of older ones should really have been dealt with early in the class series by the organizers or someone. It makes it difficult to contemplate regular attendance at the studio if this type of thing is not attended to. There were so many great folks that it is a disappointment. Sorry but is a difficult truth.
  • More classes!
  • they were not on a night I work…. :)
  • They were on a different night… I can’t do Mondays.
  • no idea! Just keep Javier coming
  • I’d be the last to know how one could possibly improve what is already going so well.
  • Had a blast, If …. you come more often
  • Sometimes the spread between new and experienced dancers is too great.
  • the students figured put how to rotate followers/leaders faster and speak up with questions sooner!
  • There was more direct instruction for followers.

6. If you took Monday evening group classes, was Mayo Street Arts an adequate venue?


7. If you took the weekend workshops (February and/or March), was Maine Ballroom Dance an adequate venue?


7.  Something else I’d like to add: (12 Responses, 12  skipped)

  • Big thanks to Javier for being here and big thanks to Laura and Charles for making this happen. Enjoy Maine Ballroom so much more as a venue.
  • I like that he had designated topics for his classes ahead of time.
  • The dedication of volunteers is outstanding and I am quite grateful for all they do.
  • Loved the whole experience!
  • I learned a lot in one private lesson with Javier. He cautiously provided new information and guidance while simultaneously assessing my level of understanding. Right before I reached saturation, he reviewed the most important points that he wanted me to remember. I greatly appreciate that level of sensitivity which is a natural part of his teaching style.
  • Look forward to seeing you next time.
  • Javier’s sincerity and his love of tango is compeling and inspiring causing me to make dancing a priority! Thank you for that!
  • Thanks, Laura and Charles, for all the extra effort you contribute to make it possible for Javier to be here for such an extended time!
  • bring him back forever
  • Javier is wonderful! I can’t wait for him to come back next year!
  • Bring him back!
  • I couldn’t recommend Javier highly enough! He is great